Monday, September 16, 2013

My Coily Fro...Updated Regi

My hair is doing what it do! Growing nicely, getting that health up and turned up off my regimen. I have been super consistent with my regimen and my hair is saying THANK YOU (finally) and I'm basking with unlimited selfies. I never loved my tresses, even when it was relaxed. I feel like we always just put up with each other but neither one of us put our best foot forward to make each other shine. Now, we're besties, I understand my tresses and my tresses understand me and with that I found a regimen that is giving both of us LIFE. 

My regimen right now is
1. First week: deep condition with coconut oil with heat for 45 mins then co-wash
2. Second week: Shampoo, ACV, Deep condition anywhere from 30mins - 2 hours with heat.
3. Third week repeat First week
4. Fourth week repeat Second week.

So in a nut shell I alternate weeks between a co-wash and shampoo.

I'll have more deets on products that I use, but in the mean time I just wanted to breeze through and show yall what I'm working with.

Pic on the left is my hair Nov 2012 pic on the right is my current hair Sept 2013

Thought I capture a few selfies cuz I need yall to believe me when I say me and my tresses are besties. My first twist out that I actually was digging. It was juicy and coily!
Do you have a regimen? Please share.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

So I've been MIA with my TWA (My bad)

Ummm yeah so it's been like nine months since I've posted. I got yall all excited about my Fearless Big Chop and then I went a-wall. My bad! Well what happened wuz..(lol) my computer died and I was computer-less for a few months. Then I had some health issues and it put everything on hold. Ultimately, I ended up having major surgery this past May and recovered for two months. I am completely healed from the surgery and good as new. Prayerfully, my health remains in A+ condition. Now, its time to get back on track with posting about my tresses, yes?

Let's get you guys up to speed on what I've been doing with my tresses since my last post.

1. I've been protective styling since my chop with wigs and weaves.
2. I joined CurlBox and Curlkit to help me find my holy grail staple products (and I have!)
3. I finally got a hair regimen that my tresses loves.
4. I am in search of a stylist in Brooklyn, NY who also does natural hair care to help me maintain my natural tresses. Although I'm doing my hair at home, I would like to go to a stylist to bless it erry now and then with some professional love, ya feel me?

Let's get to the pics...shall we?

This is exactly one month after my BC. It was still very much in the dry state. No curls at all. Just a dry, cotton fro. I hated it because it didn't look good and it didn't feel good either. I was not shampooing at this stage. I was co-washing every other day with Hello Hydration Moisturizing Condition and moisturizing like a maniac with Shea Moisture Coconut Styling Milk and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

From Nov until recent I've been protective styling with wigs and weaves. I am enjoying playing with different looks.

November thru December (bottom right corner) I wore a chic sloped bob I was digging real hard. Can't you tell by the pic? (lol).

In January, (bottom left corner) I wore senegalese twist. I didn't love them as much as I thought I would. I was micro managing them African braiders real hard cuz you know they love to tear up edges and I was NOT having it. I only had these in for four weeks. This was such a waste of money. I wanted to keep them for at least two months but they did not last.

February thru March (top right corner) I rocked a curly wig cap. I was loving this one too. It had definition, volume and height....perfection! This style got tons of compliments.

April thru May (top left corner) I wore a short wig cap with a rounded-shaped bang in the front. One of my favs playful styles, when I can't decide what to do next I usually go with this bang-serving style. It's classic, it fits my face and bangs are chic. I went into the hospital with this wig. When you have major surgery, you are suppose to take your wig off, but ummm NOT ME DAWLIN' this wig cap stayed on and my surgery was a success. Of course, when I woke up from all the drugs, first then I did was check to see if my wig was still in place. HA!

Under all them cute protective styles, my hair was resting and growing. Every time I took out a protective style, I would pre-poo, wash, deep condition, detangle and moisturize then braided up for the next do.

I noticed my hair was getting thicker, it was less dry and holding moisture much better and my curls were starting to pop too. My curls started to come through about four months post BC.

Here's my current hair. I deep conditioned and co-washed, moisturized with shea butter and did about six giant flat twist. Its definitely not as dry as when I first BC'd and its much more softer too. I will admit I haven't rocked it out just yet, but I will say I love the healthy state that its in. I will probably start wearing it out my 1 year anniversary. I want it to be bigger and longer.
And this is my current protective style situation. I went with a regular ole BSS wig. It's called the Mommy wig. I saw some YT videos of this darling wig and decided to give it a try. I was never a fan of BSS wigs because they looks so, well, um wig-ish. You know, like that overly-shiny, brillo pad grain type hair that you find on cheap baby dolls.

But this Mommy wig is 100 % natural, they also have a synthetic one that is a bit fuller than the human hair version. I like it because it looks more realistic than the average BSS wigs I've seen. I tapered the sides down a bit and that's it. It even fits comfortably too.

Rocking this wig is also saving me tons of money. I paid $30 for this wig at my local BSS. It starts losing life after about two months. This one in the pic is the second one I purchased so far. For weaves and custom wigs I'm usually spending anywhere between $80 - $300 depending on what style I get and includes supplies, hair, tip and service.

Well, that's my story of my MIA update. I have tons of things to post in a couple of weeks with my new hair regimen, what I've learned about my hair, my holy grail products, CurlBox vs Curlkit etc, what my husband thinks of my natural tresses and more.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or whatever. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have you been protective styling? What's your go-to protective style?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eff It! Be Fearless! The Courageous Chop!

On Oct 2, 2012 around 7:30ish, I said "Eff it, It is time to be Fearless", so I let fear have a seat and let my courage take a stand and I did my very own BC right in my bathroom.

I've done a few courageous things in my life, walked across fire, jumped off a 14 foot cliff into the deep waters of Jamaica and getting married (listen, if you really know, getting married was courageous lol, FYI, I love, love, love being married) but chopping my hair was a different kind of courage. The kind that makes you feel set free, the kind that makes you feel proud, the kind that makes you understand that its all about the love of self and absolutely nothing else, the kind that makes you see that fear is really & truly our worst enemy.

What made me just go 'head and chop, you ask? Well, I was watching 'friend-in-my-head' Jenell youtube channel She's the editor-in-chief of Everytime I see a video of this chile's hair, I drool, like mouth open, wiping the side of my mouth kinda drool. I mean her hair, is healthy, fluffy, shiny, and NATURAL!

Anyway, I clicked on her video and there I was drooling (again), but it was also a day I felt so un-inspired about my hair, I was at the brink of giving up. Earlier that day, I decided to slap a perm in my hair this upcoming weekend and be done with all this transitioning crap. So I wiped the drool, and made a comment on her video:
"Every time I feel like giving up with transitioning to natural. Your video hits my inbox, I click on it, see your hair and then I get hairspiration, so now I'm back on track. Beautiful hair. Good video"

A few hours later I got a message from Jenell:

"You can't give up. We have to dominate and we need YOU to get it together. LOL
But on the real though, its hard at times because this is so new to you, but you can do this. Its just hair, love it, care for it, and learn what it needs and you will be fine. Im not sure if you've ever visited my website the link is the the beginning of my video, the end of my vide and in the description box. My site is an educational site for natural hair."

That's all ya gurl needed was a pep talk from the natural hair guru herself cuz that fear & frustration, was so-gone! I decided, as soon as I get off work, I'm going home to chop off my tresses.

Here's the pics of my courageous chop:

The Beginning. I started off with a wash and deep conditioner using Shea Moisture products.Shout-out to Jenell, again, for raving about the Shea Moisture product line.

It looks rough right?? LOL!geez! It was SO dry & I moisturize it daily. SMH

I think I see curls!!

 The Takedown. After shampooing, I began chopping then I deep conditioned mixed with honey, coconut oil and grapeseed oil.
The moment
 Set Free. Oh, hi! True self-love kicked in.

Now the next step is, finding a natural hair stylist who can clean it up, even it out and color it for me, then I'll be ready for my big reveal. Until then, the wig is on, but can't wait to rock out and be fearless.

Shout out to the other natural youtube guru's that I subscribe to and drool over their hair.                               Charjay, this girl's hair is SO bomb!
Iknowlee, Twist-Out Queen!

What I've learned from chopping off my hair, I am absolutely in control of my own destiny. I know it sounds way too deep, but if I desire to do something I just got to get myself together without having any fear in mind, because in the end, it's really never as bad, as my fear makes me believe it is -- so EFF IT. BE FEARLESS.

P.S. I was the girl that said I WILL NEVER GO NATURAL!

Did you big chop? Were you fearful or fearless? What was your moment like? Who are some of your hairspirations?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

That Moment When Your Bald Sides Grow In!

Lately, I've been wanting to give up on this hair journey. Why? Because I really don't know. Yep. don't know! Right now, I'm in protective styling mode because I just don't feel like dealing with my hair. I have noticed though, my hair grows faster when its in a protective style, so I am curious about the progress aka growth it's been doing.

I'm still sort of in this limbo stage of--should I just grow it out to natural or keep it texlaxed. Mid-way through my hair journey I changed the goal of my HJ and this blog. The original purpose of the blog was to track my tresses for one year without ANY chemicals, but mid-way through dealing with those two textures on vicious war of trying to stay alive was A. MESS. so I did a texturizer, which I lovvvved the results.

But I've been on youtube rampage lately and watching these natural girls rock out those kinky textures with fierceness. My natural girl on the inside is yelling WE CAN DO THIS! My new fav natural youtubers are BlakIZbeautyful and Iknowlee. My gawd. I'm telling you I'm almost there, like right at the edge of jumping into natural hair goodness. Until then, I'm still tracking my tresses. The daunting task of deciding which way to go is the stressing killer though. Right now, I just want to chop ALL my hair off and really start from brand spanking new. Yep, I said it. A big chop (BC) is sounding about right! I'm ready to face my hair dead on!

Anyhoo, enough of my emotional hair rant and back to the purpose of this blog post, which is to do a length check on my bald sides, which was the main reason why I wanted to started a HJ and blogging about it. I mean I am quite impressed.

Top left the beginning of my HJ, Bottom left 3 months into my HJ, right my weapons of choice: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
6 months into my HJ; freshly relaxed
9 month into my HJ, 4 months post. I'm sure if I decide to relax again it will be longer.    

I'm pretty darn impressed, only because I've always struggled with thin/bald sides. My entire life. I tell you, I am diligent with taking care of them with M&S and putting extra-extra conditioner on it on wash days. The hard work is really paying off, of course, I have more to go but the point is my sides were shiny bald.

Have you had any trouble areas that you have worked hard to thrive? Please share with me. I love hairspirational stories!