Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I Decided to Give Up the Creamy Crack

Hair line breakage Jan 2012
My turnover came when I had a hair epiphany this past January and I had to make a decision to get my hair back (literally)! I seriously had to put a pause to the creamy crack to rehabilitate my hair from this huge setback.

What I thought was a successful relaxer ended up being a disaster a week later. I experienced some severe breakage and shedding after a Mizani relaxer. I. was. devastated. So here I was again, tempting to grow out my short hair for the millionth time and I meet another set back. Do I chop it back to a short-do and start again? I just couldn't and didn't have the patience nor the funds for the frequent maintenance short hair requires, plus when your hair is short you tend to relax every 4 weeks to get the edges and nape to be sleek and obviously my edges were not able to sustain anymore chemicals on it. So, I had no choice to vow that that would be my last relaxer and I needed to take full control of everything that is put in my hair. It forced me to take responsibility not to rely on a stylist to understand my hair. When I combed my hair over it, it was completely see through. Immediately, I said No More Creamy Crack. I have to rehabilitate my hair.

How I stopped the breakage at this point was I mixed 1 egg into my moisturizing conditioner used no heat. FYI, the egg would cook if you applied heat. I let the conditioner mix sit in my hair literally all day long. My breakage and shedding stopped immediately.