Thursday, February 23, 2012

Operation Grow Out #253,516

That's it! I'm taking over my tresses and I'm sticking to it! My short-do's have been my thang since the summer of 1996 and I've been cutting, weaving, wigging and perming since. The problem is I go through this phase of wanting to grow it out and I make the attempt, get mid-way through, and cut it back to a cute crop.

Here's what happens during the mid-stage--my hair starts to hate me and breaks off. My committment turns into frustration and then I chop and the cycle repeats itself. So annoying! This is my final attempt. No, seriously, my final attempt. If I don't make it through then I'm getting a shiny baldy! I could not fathom rocking a baldy, but if me and my hair don't get along through this journey I don't know what else to do.

I need all the support I can get from anyone, everyone, somebody, YOU to get me through. There's nothing like a great support team to help you along any journey and if it takes some strangers in the blogging world then this is where I'm at.

So, if you can give me advice, motivation, share experiences, or laugh with me through my journey cuz I'm sure there will be some funny stories, then I'll keep sharing my hair horrors, my downfalls, my setbacks, my problem areas and my glory.