Monday, June 18, 2012

Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo. A Review!

My hair was thriving, then it was like the life got sucked of it. I was hating my hair for a few weeks almost at the verge of chopping it all off (again). Straight up hair frustration because my hair would not shine at all no matter how much moisturizing & sealing or co-washing I did. My rollerset would not last long and it started to look weighed down and I was experiencing some excessive shedding. I couldn't figure out if it was the products I was using or was I doing to much or what? Then a light bulb hit. WELP, I DO NOT CLARIFY MY HAIR.

The point of clarifying  is stuff builds up on your hair, all kinds of stuff. Hairsprays, mousses, and gels; hard water and mineral deposits; chlorine and chemicals from swimming pools; even the waxes and moisturizers in some shampoos and conditioners can leave build up on your hair over time. This build up can cause hair to appear dull, heavy, greasy, and limp. A clarifying shampoo can help remove those deposits, give your hair a fresh start, and restore shine.

I pre-poo (a pre-treatment with oils/conditioner before shampooing your hair) weekly and recently started incorporating co-washing (washing hair with a moisturizing conditioner) into my regimen, although they are great techniques for the hair, you eventually have to clarify at some point due to product build-up. So, off to the beauty supply store (BSS) I went to pick up a clarifying shampoo.

Anyhoo, I wanted to make it easy for myself with the decision making so I purchased Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo. Anytime I buy a product from this line, I am always pleased and impressed so I figured I couldn't go wrong. And I didn't.

First of all, what a big difference clarifying makes, I never knew! Honestly, this was my first time ever using a clarifying shampoo, since starting my HJ back in January, and I must say my hair does feel lighter, cleaner, silky AND no itchy scalp. I plan on adding clarifying to my regimen by the fifth wash.

The Facts: 
This shampoo exfoliates the scalp helping to relieve the itchy feeling associated with dry scalp. It's ideal for all hair textures, and adds moisture while helping to condition and detangle.
  • Enriched with menthol, nettle and horsetail
  • Gently lifts flakes and excess oils
  • Stimulates and irrigates scalp

The Instructions:
  • Conduct a patch test for allergic reaction before use. Apply as directed to the nape of the neck; wait 24 hours. If itching, bumps or redness develop, do not use
  • Apply a generous amount of shampoo to damp hair and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly
  • Repeat shampoo, leaving on for 2 minutes to maximize treatment
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and condition with Organic Root Stimulator hair mayonnaise

The Truth:
  • First off, no allergy reaction for me, thank God. I'm never allergic to anything so I was pretty optimistic about not having some sort of reaction.
  • Loved the tingling sensation it gave while washing, made me feel like it was really doing something
  • Clarifying shampoo's are known to strip the hair to release the build up, but for this to be a clarifying shampoo my hair did not feel stripped it actually felt moisturized and stronger.
  •  I will say that my hair also behaved with holding rollerset curls. By day 2 of a rollerset my curls are lifeless.
  • It definitely did the trick to my tresses they were lighter and shinier and my scalper is definitely cleaner. I usually have itching scalp and I haven't scratched my scalp going on 2 days. Impressive!  

Bottom line, hands down, Organic Root Stimulator is winning as far as product lines for me. I always get great results from their products. I'm a trusted fan! The ORS Uplifting Shampoo is surely a staple for me as my clarifying shampoo. If you don't believe check out one of my fav youtubers MrGORGEOUSisMYname who also reviewed this product. He had me LOL'n!!!

What do you clarify with?


Kayla said...

When I used to use sulfate containing shampoos, I clarified with Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo. It was the first clarifying shampoo I used. The first time I used it, I SAW dirt coming out of my head. I can totally relate to your first time experience. lol.

Cess B. said...

I must admit too after I clarified my deep conditioning experience was even more amazing.

What shampoo do you use now?

Kayla said...

My regular shampoo is Shea moisture. If I feel my scalp getting dirty to the point it needs to be clarified, I'll do a scalp scrub with EVOO, salt, and sugar. My hair hasn't gotten that dirty though because I avoid products that will build up.

Honeypott said...

The first time I used this shampoo, I had relaxed hair. I remember hating it because it made my hair grow too fast, which meant more touch ups at the salon. I kinda rediscovered it in my natural hair journey and in addition to stimulated growth, it also detangles really well. This is one sulphate containing shampoo that is a keeper.

Icarium said...

I live in canada (nova scotia) and i could purchase this at walmart for my daughter but they no longer carry it, is there any place recommended to order from other than amazon