Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Balding Edges are Making a Come Back!

The reason why I decided to hold off on the creamy crack was because my edges were balding-rapidly! It was starting to look shiny too. My only thought to fix it was to give up that creamy crack. Plus, giving it up would be beneficial to my hair overall anyway.

So four months into my journey, my edges are making a comeback. I think it's great progress, a slow one, but still great. I've been babying my edges since the start of my hair journey (HJ) and that loving is paying off. I'm excited :-).

Let's get down to the real deal. What is making my edges grow back you ask? Drum roll please.......Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Creme and Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). Yup them two bad boys together are a powerful duo on these edges. I apply the Triple Moisture first, give it a good massage then apply the JBCO right on top and give it another good massage. I do that in the morning and at night. Peep the progress!

Top Left corner the beginning; Right bottom corner the progress;

Looks like its getting thick too. I know, I know I'm uber excited but when you see some progress in your hair journey its the little things.

What was your weak spot that has taken strides in your HJ? Please share. I love hairspirations!


Queen Reina said...

I have that same issue with my edges!!

Cess B. said...

What do you use on them to help them grow in?

NaturallyMe said...

Great progress sis! Parsley oil helps the edges grow back as well. Too much jbco can cause more shedding if not used in moderation. Castor oil is great too.

Cess B. said...

Thanks. I know when I first started my journey I was using JBCO every day and I had terrible shedding. now I mainly usenit for my edges, nape and 2x week on my scalp. Where domyou get parsley oil? Your suggestions are so on point lol

Anonymous said...

I had to stop relaxing for the same reasons. It was wrecking havoc on my edges. Good progress!