Hair Goals & Stats

My goal right now is to give up the creamy crack for one year. Not sure if I want to go completely natural, but if I find new found love for my hair during this process and I'm achieving the growth and thickness I ultimately desire then I will say bye bye to relaxing forever. I think once the one year is up I'll know for sure exactly which route I want to go whether its natural or back to relaxed. The point of this journey is to get my hair healthy and strong without relaxing.

I will focus on nursing my hair to new health from the damage
My ultimate hair goal is to get my hair to shoulder length. I know it doesn't sound like much but I have never, ever had shoulder length hair in my entire life. My current goal is to nurse it to health without the creamy crack that means doing techniques, using products that will help me achieve this the best way possible. Once I get the health back, I will focus my on achieving the length.

These are my current hair stats.

Current length: Ear

Hair Desire: Thickness

Hair Problems: thin edges and slow growing nape

Hair Struggle: Getting through the awkward mid-stag

Hair (Natural) Texture: Coarse

Hair Type: 4b/4c

Hair Crush: Sanaa Lathan

Hair Focus: Keep it soft & moisturized

Hair Habit: Taking random hairs and twirling them

Hair Obsession: Conditioners all types cheapies, drug store, high-end

Hair Addiction: none; former creamy crack addict

Hair Hate: Thinness

Hair Loves: Coconut Oil

Hair Color: Dingy Brown

Last Relaxer: January 15th

Ultimate hair length: Shoulder Length (SL)