My Hairstory

Last February, I wanted to grow my hair out from my short style because I wanted some length for my September wedding. A friend told me about a site called This was the beginning of my a-ha hair moment for me. I logged on and there was a whole community of women out there, who wanted to take control of their tresses just like me. I sat at my computer for hours, discovering all the things that I had been doing completely wrong to my hair from the products I was using, to letting my beautician ruin my tresses relaxing my hair bone straight. This is when I discovered why I was never able to get past the mid-stage of my growing out phase. I felt bad for my hair, I wanted to apologize to it for not being committed to it the right way. I never looked at the ingredients of any products that I used, I never knew the difference between protein conditioner and moisture conditioner, I never thought that stretching my relaxer past 8 weeks would be the best thing for my hair. I literally was doing everything wrong and I realized that I needed to take control of everything regarding my hair to get the healthy hair that I always wanted.

From, my research then went onto youtube where hundreds of  more ladies that were super savvy about their haircare. Videos about regimens, techniques, product reviews, hair tutorials, set backs, transitioning, big chops, self-relaxing, the list goes on and on. For the first time, I discovered what these women were calling a hair journey. They set a goal on what they want their hair to do whether its growing longer, getting healthier, transitioning from relaxed to natural--and starting a journey of documenting everything they did to their hair. Photos and videos of each step of their journey showing their starting points, length checks, set backs, and the products that were helping them along the way. My hair obsession began. My will to get my hair where I wanted to be was my new inspiration and the beginning of my hair journey.

These are a few pics of my hair before getting on board to a healthy hair journey: 

This was the state of my hair Feb 11

My hair wasn't doing so well during the to grow out, yet again, so I chopped it off in March 2011. From this point, I wore it short with the idea to get it growing out from here.

My chop to start off new! P.S. that's a track in the front

I wore wigs at some point giving my hair a break from the constant relaxing you have to do when wearing your hair so short.

My engagement photo shoot May 11. Short custom wigs

I weaved my hair for my September wedding.

Being silly as I prepared for my BIG DAY :)

Finally in December after wearing weaves and wigs, I did another chop but not as drastic, but just a cut to give my tresses some shape and get rid of the dead ends I accumulated while wearing wigs/weaves. So I started a new with a cut that can start me on my way. Wish me luck!

Dec 11: Got a good trim to start me off; this is my official start of my hair journey

One month into my official hair journey. For the first time in a long time, I was loving my hair this day! 
 Jan 2012. I also relaxed my hair this day.