Monday, September 16, 2013

My Coily Fro...Updated Regi

My hair is doing what it do! Growing nicely, getting that health up and turned up off my regimen. I have been super consistent with my regimen and my hair is saying THANK YOU (finally) and I'm basking with unlimited selfies. I never loved my tresses, even when it was relaxed. I feel like we always just put up with each other but neither one of us put our best foot forward to make each other shine. Now, we're besties, I understand my tresses and my tresses understand me and with that I found a regimen that is giving both of us LIFE. 

My regimen right now is
1. First week: deep condition with coconut oil with heat for 45 mins then co-wash
2. Second week: Shampoo, ACV, Deep condition anywhere from 30mins - 2 hours with heat.
3. Third week repeat First week
4. Fourth week repeat Second week.

So in a nut shell I alternate weeks between a co-wash and shampoo.

I'll have more deets on products that I use, but in the mean time I just wanted to breeze through and show yall what I'm working with.

Pic on the left is my hair Nov 2012 pic on the right is my current hair Sept 2013

Thought I capture a few selfies cuz I need yall to believe me when I say me and my tresses are besties. My first twist out that I actually was digging. It was juicy and coily!
Do you have a regimen? Please share.

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Tonkabelle said...

So good to have you back dear, you look so lovely and your hair is everything, xx

Cess B. said...

Thank you doll! I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. xo

Angela said...

Just discovered your blog on hairlista. Your hair looks awesome! Keep up the good work.

Jiten Mallik said...

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